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2 Tips to Becoming a Successful Amazon Seller

Many sellers see Amazon as a potential market for their products. There are many good reasons to explore Amazon. The process is to handle the complete amazon seller payment, so the seller will not face any problem in making the payment.

Amazon offers various levels of merchant accounts. 

The first tip is to determine which account level is good for you. The first level of a merchant account – a seller in the market – is an account that allows you to make a list of free products currently listed in the Amazon catalog with no registration fee. 

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The second level of the merchant account is much more flexible. Here you can make a list of items that are not currently in the Amazon catalog. And you get a $ 0.99 discount on items sold, without fees charged to ordinary retailers.

The second tip is to understand that making entries on Amazon is very different. Amazon is completely catalog based. You need to find the right product in the Amazon catalog that matches the product being sold, and then tell Amazon that you have one or more of these specific products. 

If your item is not in the catalog, you cannot sell it on Amazon (unless you have a merchant account that allows you to make new catalog entries.)