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3 Critical Reasons To Go For intensive Outpatient Treatment

Leading an addiction-free life may be challenging once youstep outside the support system of a residential drug de-addiction treatment center. That is where intensive outpatient treatment in San Diego comes to your rescue. 

Most residential drug de-addiction programs range from 30 to 90 days whereas patients may need handholding even after that. If you are looking for outpatient treatment, you can visit


The NIH describes addiction as a chronic, relapsing brain disease characterized by compulsive drug and alcohol urges, despite harmful and potentially fatal consequences. 

That makes intensive outpatient treatment critical to recovery. When addiction treatment stops and the person returns to the same environment, s/he may be subject to triggers and urges.


During intensive outpatient treatment, patients are trained on resources to lead a happy and successful life. You go through individual and group therapy to learn to cope with daily triggers to prevent relapse. 


An intensive outpatient treatment program is also vital for patients who can't afford to stay away from home or work for a long duration at a residential facility. 

An individualized treatment plan is designed for them that can be carried out during the intensive outpatient treatment so that they get a suite of services over a long period of time to help patients lead a sober, happy and productive life.

The purpose of the intensive outpatient program is continuing care so that you can stay actively aware and engaged during the recovery process, and be able to then lead an independent, healthy, happy and sober life.