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Adult Day Care: A Compassionate and Cost-Effective Senior Care Alternative

The majority of us will need to take care of an elderly relative at times in our lives. Someone you love may require extra care due to an illness or complication, decline in cognitive function, or an increase in loneliness and depression. The burden and demands can overwhelm caregivers. Choosing the right possibilities of senior care and coordinating their care is equally demanding.

The Choices:

Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing Facilities: Research shows that the process of getting older is an experience that is much more pleasant when you age at your own pace and stay at home in your own environment.

Adult Day Care Services Adults that are enrolled in adult day centers are given numerous opportunities to connect and make other friends, eat healthy meals that include special diets, help with personal care, and assistance with their medical requirements such as health monitoring and administration of medications.

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Adult daycare centers employ professionally trained staff, which includes licensed and certified nurses and social workers, as well as dieticians and activity specialists who can handle problems such as physical impairment, dementia, depression, Alzheimer’s stroke, Parkinson’s Disease as well as chronic illnesses that require continuous surveillance such as diabetes hypertension, arthritis, and so on.

Additional services can include transportation as well as podiatry, physical occupational, and speech therapy as well as weekly outings, exercise sessions, hair salons, and caregiver support groups for respite.