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All You Need to Know About Craniosacral Therapy after Surgery

Craniosacral therapy (CST) has many wonderful benefits for the body! But in this blog post, I am just going to highlight one. You are going to learn about craniosacral therapy which is done after surgery (CST).

CST is such a great option for post-surgery bodywork, why? It is such a gentle therapy and a well in tune and experienced craniosacral therapist can feel just what your tissue needs no matter how subtle your body is talking.

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With the swelling of tissue becomes inflamed and filled with fluid as part of the healing process. And just to solve this problem frequently will also help heal nerve damage as well. Often, nerve damage/loss of feeling is due to the swelling of the surrounding tissues.

Then the spine may be the next place to get a feel. There may be some compression in the spine and adjacent tissue. With some unwinding fascia can help to release the body's tissues and further provide the ability to have a place for the fluid to move to so do not gather in one place.

CST is very shuttled quite work and the clients are first-timers might not feel anything at first, but it does not mean that change does not happen. Usually, when the first client will only see how a very relaxing treatment is, the client becomes very relaxed and just sinks into the table.