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An Invisible Wireless Charger

Qi Coaster-style wireless charging pads have been on tables for many years. They are very popular and there has not been much change in their design since their introduction. It's easy to know what to look for and where to buy them.

It might sound similar to a hidden wireless charger for your tabletop, but the one under your table needs more power. The simple answer is yes. This is because more power to charge through the table will generate more heat, which phones and their batteries don’t like.

Two key steps are required to make wireless charging work.

Power Transfer – Sending a current from your charger to your phone – the actual charge

Power Communication – The sync between your phone and charger that allows the phone to send its charging instructions and safety protocol to the charger. You can order fast or slow charging, or stop charging when your phone requests it.

 This is critical for any charger, wired or wireless, short- or long-range, or wired. Without it, many things could go wrong. Your phone won't be able to reject the charger or stop it from heating up even if it's full.

We created these tips to help you understand these products and cut through misinformation.