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Baby Formula NEC Lawsuits

Infant formulas made with cow's milk, such as Similac and Enfamil, can be used to expose preterm infants. They can increase the risk of them developing deadly neonatal conditions such as Necrotizing Enterocolitis.

If your baby was prematurely born and has NEC, you may be able to sue the formula companies. You can hire the  National NEC Attorneys for Premie NEC Formula Lawsuits to take legal action against the responsible firm.

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NEC baby formula lawsuits were filed against Similac, and Enfamil makers because they knew this risk wasn't disclosed on the product packaging.

Premature infants can develop necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC), which is a severe and potentially fatal bacterial infection. NEC can lead to intestinal tissue becoming inflamed and eventually causing death. Necrotic infection can lead to a perforation of the intestinal wall. This happens as the bacteria move from the inner wall to the outside.

Perforation of the NEC's intestinal wall can cause serious complications. This allows bacteria from the intestinal cavity to enter the abdomen cavity. This bacteria can spread quickly to the bloodstream and cause a fatal sepsis infection. About 15% of infants die from this condition.

Even if NEC isn't fatal, it can cause serious health problems for the baby. Nearly half (50%) of NEC cases need surgery to remove the intestinal tissue. Short bowel syndrome can also occur. This can impact the baby's growth and development.

NEC infant formula lawsuits are being handled by lawyers for parents whose babies were given Similac or Enfamil. These formula manufacturers knew about the dangers of NEC in premature infants, but they did not make any effort to inform customers of their product packaging. These manufacturers can be represented by professional lawyers.