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Baby Powder: What To Know About The Risks

Johnson & Johnson, a pharmaceutical goods company announced that new tests of baby powder which previously tested by the FDA had found no trace of asbestos.

The announcement is the latest in the headlines surrounding concerns over the potential health risks associated with a popular brand of baby powder products. You can also click to know more about the potential risks of cancer caused by baby powder.

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The company said in a public statement that “third-party and rigorous testing confirms that there is no asbestos in Johnson's Baby Powder. We stand by our product safety."

Asbestos is a substance that can cause serious health threats such as cancer in women and babies as well. This worry is causing major retailers to announce that it would stop keeping the Johnson & Johnson baby powder products.

The Dangers Of Asbestos Exposure

For those who are not sure what health problems mean, it all comes back to the presence of asbestos, which a general term is given to a group of six minerals that can be found in products used for the construction or automotive industry.

While exposure to asbestos does not necessarily pose a health hazard, depending on how much you come in contact with, you could be at risk for conditions such as asbestosis (scarring of the lungs), mesothelioma, and lung cancer.

Story surrounding the recall at this time came amid thousands of women lawsuits filed against Johnson & Johnson. The legal action came after these consumers claim to use powder products company cause cancer.