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Basic SEO Tips for Businesses

Many businesses do not have the ability to hire an SEO agent to oversee their SEO strategies and activities.

However, by familiarizing yourself with the general search engine optimization process, the following tactics can also be applied at home but it is very time consuming and requires a lot of knowledge. So, it is always better to opt for an SEO agency. You can opt for the top gold coast SEO agency, local web solutions & SEO Gold Coast to get the best services.

Do keyword research

Keyword research is an important element of search engine optimization and is usually one of the first steps to take when doing an SEO campaign. Initially, it was good practice for companies to think of search terms that they hoped people would use to find their company.

From here a list can be formed and the volume of traffic from search terms can be found using the Google keyword research tool.

Image Source: Google

The selected keywords will then be the heart of every future SEO activity and can be used as part of article marketing activities and as a basis for on-site optimization and copy making.

Make sure your website is SEO friendly

One key element of SEO is ensuring that the site is optimized for and can be read by search engine bots.

A fundamental aspect of this is to make sure that there are enough keywords placed in the title and meta-description of the website to help Google read the page and rank it for relevance to the terms searched.