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Basic Tips For Supporting A Child With Dyslexia

There are many of the ways from which you can support the dyslexic child not just in learning and schoolwork, but also your child’s confidence. This will help motivate your children to work outside of school hours and will show them that hard works pay off.

Teach them about dyslexia

Teaching your child about their learning difficulty will help them to recognize that their slower progress isn’t their fault. This can help them to rebuild their self-esteem and understand that, while it can make learning a little tougher sometimes, it’s not a reflection of their ability or intelligence. Also, there are various dyslexia awareness resources for all to know about the signs and symptoms of dyslexia among children and adults.

Encourage extra-curricular activities

Nurturing your child’s other talents will boost their self-confidence and help them to recognize their own abilities, so encourage them to get involved with some extracurricular activities. It doesn’t matter what they’re into, as long as it’s something they can enjoy and feel confident doing. 

You should also be sure to offer plenty of support and praise to let your child know what a great job they’re doing outside the classroom and to help them gain a sense of confidence in their own unique talents.

Be patient

Be patient and have fun! It’s unfair to expect perfection from any child. All you can ever ask for them is to do their best. Making learning fun can also help to create positive associations with learning, reading, and writing, which will help motivate your child to stick with their studies, even when the going gets tough.