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Celebrity Fashion – Are They Worth the Hype

Do the masses accept a celebrity clothing line? By Sophia Vasquez for Kmart, the Kardashians for Kohl, it is the new norm for a movie/musicians average artist to collaborate and launch their own collection. Whether it flops or blow off the shelf it leaves one to wonder where is the direction of fashion is going?

Is it better to wear the Kardashians for Kohl over Zara or Express? Do we buy it for the name of a celebrity or design and quality? Are we as consumers even respect merger with Wal-mart, Target, and Kohl? It is safe to say department store shopping has grown over the last ten years. 

However, people want to stay tuned with the latest celebrity fashions. We all love to dress like our favourite celebrity. If you are also one of them then you need to check out the best celebrity brands over the internet today. The market is abundant with the top fashion brands that any of us can afford. 

Department store trying to follow trends, pricing, and competitors such as H & M, Forever 21 and on top of all other sales. With their private label maintaining respectable sales, it leaves consumers confused and at a loss when they collaborated with Celebrity's fashion line. 

As consumers, we have a pre-judged assessment, particularly about celebrities. Advertising campaigns can have Jennifer Lopez, but when J.Lo Sweetface introduced in 2008, for example, it became a different story. Critiqued, lack-lustre design and poor sales that left a bitter face with Kohl called off production and ended the joint venture in 2009. So it is important that you not only pay attention to the celebrity fashion line but also the quality and the budget.

The change is in line Madonna junior department Macy complete with construction crews, and the floor moves only to be reduced to a few shelves a few seasons later. What is the difference between Sarah Jessica Parker forget "bitten" Jessica Simpson versus phenomenal royal accessories and clothing? Ashley & Mary-Kate Oslen has proved itself in the tween market with Wal-mart while Kardashian for Sears received the shocking reviews.