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Chiropractic Treatment For Workplace Injuries

Injuries at work can cause severe and debilitating symptoms such as pain, numbness, and tingling. Workers may also experience decreased productivity, temporary or permanent disability, inability to perform work tasks, lost working time and increased wage costs. 

Work-related musculoskeletal disorders are the most common workplace injuries. Resolve all your queries regarding injury chiropractic treatment in Spokane at

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Chronic musculoskeletal disorders are a major cause of morbidity, disability, psychological stress, and sleep disturbances. Musculoskeletal problems are the leading cause of chronic disability, with more than 50% attributable to back pain, a complex condition that includes both personal and work-related factors. 

Back pain and work-related disability increase more rapidly than other forms of disability. About 65% of lumbar spine disorders are work-related. They are considered one of the most expensive diseases for adults of working age. 

Ergonomic and postural techniques of bending, twisting, and lifting weights, as well as certain prolonged positions and actions, such as sitting, standing, walking, and driving, are associated with work-related low back pain.

Chiropractic is one of the most widely used and accepted practices in alternative medicine. The effectiveness of chiropractic care has been shown to get injured workers back to work faster and cheaper than other forms of care. 

Patients receiving chiropractic care reported returning to work on an average of 2-3 days earlier than patients receiving medical care.