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Custom T Shirt Printing Techniques

T Shirt printing, like other industries, uses a number of production techniques and methods. Each has its own pros and cons. This article aims to help you distinguish between several different options, whether you are thinking of going to a business for yourself, or if you are only researching how to get the best quality clothes for your money.

Screen printing

This is one of the oldest and most common printing methods. The screen is pressed onto the fabric to paint one color design at a time, one color per screen. This can be done by hand or by machine. Screen printing creates high-quality print shirts that are very durable, but messy and not ideal for small orders. You can browse to purchase the custom shirts of your choice.

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Transfer Heat Press Paper

The design is printed onto a special piece of paper called "transfer paper". The paper is then applied to the garment using a heat press. This method is fast and can make complex colorful designs, which are ideal for single or small orders. However, the design is fragile and easily cracked.

Heat transfer Press Vinyl

Like paper transfer printing, vinyl transfers use a heat press to apply vinyl cut sheets specifically for clothing. This is ideal for capitalized designs or for images with multiple colors. It also comes in neon colors. But there are only a limited number of colors available and each must be applied separately.

Sublimation Dyes

Ideal for colorful designs and complex patterns, but can only be used on polyester fabrics. Unlike most other printing methods, this can also be used on non-clothing products such as mugs, coasters and key chains.