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Designing Effective Awards In An Employee Recognition Program

It is only natural to congratulate staff members for their exceptional work. They should also be recognized for their outstanding performance. Managers quickly learn that it is difficult to single out a member of the team because of team dynamics. Feelings of being overlooked and jealousy can all lead to low morale. How can you have one winner in your team and the rest be losers?

Managers have the responsibility to discover and showcase the potential in everyone on the team. If you design your employee rewards system & employee travel prizes well, they can act as a rising tide that will benefit all members of the team. It is important to create awards that benefit the entire team and not just one person. Your team will be more productive if everyone is striving for the reward. 

Employee Reward System

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Before you announce the winner, everyone on the team has won. These guidelines are important:

You should compete against yourself and not your team. It is important not to compare an individual with the entire team. Individual achievements are recognized with Personal Best Awards. It is easy to celebrate the accomplishments of employees at all levels, even if it isn't dependent on your own failures.

Helping equals doing. Each award should have an achievement award to recognize those who achieve the goal and an award that encourages others to do the same. This allows employees to be recognized for their contributions to the team. You want your salespeople to be able to make others experts. It's a great way to reward them. Rewarding others for their success creates a rising tide.