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Detecting And Controlling Bed Bugs

Bed bug infestation can indeed cause a feeling of frustration and disgust, even in small houses. These pests are brown and oval-shaped and vary in size.

The composition of their shape allows them to move easily through small gaps and cracks, which effectively hide them and cause confusion and panic. You can also hire bed bug professionals via

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If you think your home has a bedbug problem, here is a guide to help you through the process of detection and control of bed bug.

1) Check your body, especially arms and legs for bites that you may have received during sleep. The bites are small red marks, which will show a circle of lighter red around some of the outside.

2) Check all possible hiding places in your house. Inspect your mattress and box spring, especially areas with holes or tears in the fabric.

3) Remove all the drawers of your fixtures and counters. Check your furniture items to properly inspect the bottom.

4) Seal the cracks and holes found in the room. These areas are municipalities where these small pests enter the room.

If the problem is not controlled, the best option is to call a bed bug control service that is experienced and can process these types of infestations.