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Did You Know Everything About Aerospace Aluminium Alloys?

It would be a truism to say all the planes are different with different requirements of materials. Military aircraft have fewer flight hours in a life and fatigue and corrosion are less of a consideration than in civil aircraft with the required life of 30,000 hours or more.

When the properties of aluminum alloys are concerned, there is usually a trade-off. The aluminum-zinc-magnesium alloys have high strength, but the sudden responsibility cracks in an unloaded condition due to the retention of internal stress after the heat treatment. Therefore, You can buy high performance alloy material from companies like RJ Technical Resources

The Vickers Viscount replaced components made of aluminum-zinc-manganese-aluminum with 4 percent copper alloy L65 for this reason. 

Since then, there have been improvements in stress and corrosion resistance of aluminum-zinc-magnesium alloys, entirely based on the change in relative proportions of the alloy components. 

Improved control molding techniques made further improvements in corrosion resistance strain. Development alloy aluminum-zinc-magnesium-copper, called the 7000 series, gave a high strength, good resistance to fatigue crack growth and a greater degree of toughness. Weight gain is also a consideration.

Duralumin alloys are used for the sub-surfaces of the flanges with high fatigue loads in tension. Naturally aged duralumin is preferably thermally treated for improved fatigue resistance and crack propagation. 

A higher percentage of magnesium in the naturally aged condition, designated alloy 2024, is the result of a lot of development in practice.

The interest stems from accessibility, and being weldable, reduces manufacturing costs. Most of the 2000 series aluminum alloys can be used for superplastic forming SPF. ISO 6013 alloy has a similar high toughness and resistance to crack propagation than the alloys of the 2000 series.