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Different Types Of Animation In Malaysia

There would be rarely anyone who does not like animation and animated movies. It takes a lot of hard work and ideation to create the perfect animation which we see on screen. A job of an animator is exciting and creative.

Some of the types of animation are:

2D & 3D

These are commonly used animation techniques. For 2D, you need to be efficient in using computers and various software. It is nothing but the digital version of a flipbook with the exception of the drawing been done on computers with the help of software. You can easily get the top 3d animation and modeling services via

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The cartoon series we see are 2D animations. 3D animations are 3 dimensional and the animations are realistic. A lot of movies are made with this technique these days. It is very popular as it has a realistic approach. It is inexpensive as well.

Flipbook animation

This is one of the oldest ways of animation, and you need not need multimedia courses to learn this kind of animation. Simplicity is at its best with this, we all must have had a flipbook as a child. All you need a pen, and a stack of papers, preferably a notepad or stick-on.

Stop motion

This is the technique of using real-life objects for animation. For example, often toys are used for this purpose. At first, images are clicked of the object from all the angles. Then they are animated using software and later on the animations are compiled into a movie.