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Downlights Lighting Up Your Home In Style

A downlight, also known as a 'pot light,'' can light' or 'recessed light' is a light fitting which is mounted in a vacant depression, in a ceiling, with light from the fixture directed downwards.

The 'trim' is the only visible element of the fixture, making it discreet and stylish at the same time. A downlight is so versatile that it can be used to light up any part of your home for an air of sophistication.  To get more info about downlights you can search the browser.

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Read on for more information on the different types of home downlights.

There are two basic types of home downlights – the high power 240V downlights which are typically used in areas where more light is needed and the purse-friendly, low-voltage downlight which consumes lesser power and employs halogen bulbs.

The difference between them also lies in the kind of globe used.

Low-voltage downlight fittings can be a little cumbersome since they almost always require transformers to scatter some of the heat produced and secure the circuitry. The stronger-power downlight can operate on the mains power directly.

Although mains downlights have lower installation costs, you will need to spend a lot more on changing the bulbs from time to time. Earlier, only standard downlights were manufactured.

These had the usual screw-in openings and extra-large bulbs which acted as floodlights consumed more power, and required larger investments in the way of bulb replacements.

As a result, manufacturers developed energy-efficient and cost-effective downlights with halogen bulbs. Another advantage of low-voltage downlights is that they often come with dimmers, so you can set the tone of your home as per your requirements.