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Dubai Car Inspection Requirement

Vehicle inspection is one of the important process of buying a car. It's very important to do the car inspection before you buy a car. The purpose of car inspection is to make sure that the car you are buying is in good condition and has no mechanical problems. Carantee is the no.1 Vehicle Inspection Agency in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

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There are several mandatory vehicle inspections in Dubai which you must undergo before you can purchase a new or used car. These inspections include: 

  • The Car Registration and Inspection (CR&I) Department at Dubai Police will check your vehicle's registration, make, model and year.

  • The Vehicle Import and Export Authority (VIA) will inspect your car for any prohibited items such as weapons and explosives.

  • Dubai Department of Roads (DDR) will test your car's engine and brakes.

  • Dubai Municipality's Traffic Control Department will check your car for any parking violations.

If any of these inspections result in a warning or an advisory, you'll need to take corrective action before you can purchase the vehicle. For example, if DTR finds that your engine needs to be serviced, you'll need to take this into account when negotiating the price of the car. 

Always note the date of these inspections. Make sure you understand exactly what's required so you won't be surprised by additional requirements. In most cases, you'll need to take all advised actions before the inspection is complete. For instance, if DTR notices a history of problems with your brakes, it will likely advise that you have them fixed before the transaction can proceed. Always remember that any attempt to avoid paying on a vehicle in Dubai is illegal and could result in financial penalties and imprisonment.