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Employee Engagement During These Tough Economic Times Is Crucial

If you have read any articles on the productivity of the organization or the employee's performance over the last seven years, it is likely that you come across the concept of employee engagement.

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Employee engagement is the first proven method to translate thoughts and perceptions of staff to measurable indices or leading indicators to predict employee productivity, retention of top performers, customer satisfaction and more. It is important to understand some facts about the current economic challenges:

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• There are 14 market panics over the last 150 years.

• Most of the market meltdown last 15 months – average reduction of 36%.

• Most of ass market went sideways for 5 to 10 months.

• Average Market forecasts extend for 68 months and growing by an average of 176%.

Employees need to answer about their assets 401K now.

Employee engagement has historically been in the HR, training, or organizational growth area. This is where the outside independent Registered Investment Advisors can play an important role in keeping your employees engaged.

Learning what to starts with a little more learning of the commitment. While addressing all aspects of employee engagement is outside the reach of this article, there are many things you need to know about employee engagement.

Employee engagement is the extent of an employee's optimistic, neutral or negative emotional attachment to her / his company and its goals, boss, role, and coworkers / peers.