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Event Management Software Tools To Manage And Plan Events

A recent survey conducted by a leading provider of event management software requested event managers based on the UK about their favored source for managing and planning their events. The most common tool was by far is the event management software with 67% of the vote and spreadsheets and other alternatives come in the second and third positions respectively.

Spreadsheets are a proven way of event management that can keep track of budgets, control resources, and can be an effective way to create and manage lists. The major advantage of spreadsheets as a tool for event management in Melbourne via is the low-cost linked with it. 

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However, there are a number of disadvantages if event managers decide the use spreadsheets as their primary tool for event management. Common problems include:

Low Efficiency: 

The use of spreadsheets is not a very efficient method for managing all aspects of an event. It is likely that event managers will use several distinct spreadsheets equipped with a lot of tabs along with a large amount of data. 

Loss Of Data: 

Spreadsheets are only as secure as the server system to sit. If kept on a hard drive of the computer, there is a risk that all data will be lost if something happens to the computer or laptop. Spreadsheets are also vulnerable to stalling and except if the event manager is used to save on a daily basis and still there might be a high risk of loss of data.

Lack Of Information Management: 

Similar to the difficulty in reporting to analyze the performance, so there is also a lack of comprehensive management information. For companies organizing many events year-round, it is important to be able to have a clear idea of these events as a whole. Understand the numbers of delegates, budgets, and other KPI in all events that can help in strategize events in the future.