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Find The Essential Care Of Calf Health

No matter how long you've been raising calves, you need to help create a good base for new arrival. There are several basic components of newborn care that are important for productivity and health.

Balancing these points with care can help improve the health of the calf for future growth.  To get more information about the calf health visit

calf health

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Important things in calf care include:

High quality colostrum: The goal is to treat veal colostrum to 10 percent body weight within two hours of arrival. A 90-pound calf will equal 9 pounds of colostrum, or roughly 1 gallon.

If maternal colostrum is not available, give a good quality colostrum replacement to provide at least 160 g of immunoglobulin (IgG).

Optimal nutrition

In principle, solid nutrition can be achieved through various approaches using a nutritionist. Other excellent nutrition secrets are: Produce a liquid ration with sufficient amounts of protein, fat, minerals and vitamins. Begin supplying small quantities within the first few days of existence.

Always provide clean water for free on the first day of your existence. Water is a key component for digestion, hydration and stomach development.

Whether you put a calf in a group house or a hut , a well-managed calf is dry, comfortable, clean, and also has fresh air to breathe. It is important to remember that the physical structure of the cage is only a part of the overall calf environment.