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Finding the Right Commercial Roof Access Hatch

It is essential to find the best roof access for your needs in order to have safe access. It can be difficult to choose the right roof hatch type with so many options. It doesn't matter if it's for maintenance or for allowing equipment to be installed into the building.

Roof hatches are also used in factories, offices, shopping centers, storage facilities, and other non-residential buildings that have access to the roof. A commercial roof access hatch comes in various sizes that refer to the structural opening, which is the hole within a roof.

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Roof hatches can be described as horizontal doors that allow access to the roof through an opening in the roof. Access to the roof can be made via a fixed ladder or ship's ladder. As different ceiling heights require different access methods, the size of the roof hatch will depend on how high they are.

Retractable ladders can be used up to 3.5m, but require a minimum opening size of 900×750. Ship-type ladders have a greater clearance requirement (Clear space between the angle of the ladder and the head) of 1200mm. Fixed ladders can be used in conjunction with smaller roof hatches, such as 750×750, provided that the ceiling height does not exceed 2.5 meters. A cage will be required for ceilings that are higher than this.