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Fire Extinguisher Instructions – Detailed Guidance For Correct Fire Extinguisher Use

Although there is a similar approach to the basic operation of the majority of fire extinguishers, there are some important differences in the various types of fire extinguishers. In this article we will look at specific instructions for each of the main types of fire extinguishers in use today. If you are looking for best fire extinguishers for home & AirBnB Guests then make an online search.

Navigate to the base of the fire hose and water jet sweep from side to side on the fire. Even if the fire spread upward, always start with a base of fire and move up from there. When the fire appears to be out, check the entire area for the burning material that can be lit again.

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Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers Instruction

Carbon dioxide extinguishers do not have the cooling effect of the water, o be careful after that because there is an increased danger of re-ignition. Exercise caution when using in confined areas as carbon dioxide gas can be harmful to health. Ventilate the area as soon as possible after the use of fire.

Plastic horn steer toward the bottom of the fire and sweep from side to side like a water extinguisher. Recheck the ignition and use again if needed.

Hint foam fire extinguisher

Another flexible extinguisher, but not for use on grease fires inside.

One of the main uses of this type of fire is the burning liquid such as gasoline, diesel and oil. If the extinguisher is being used to the burning liquid, you should avoid navigating directly into the middle of a liquid as this will break the surface and can cause sparks and flame spread.