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Helpful Info on Silk Screening White Ink and Screen Print Technique

It seems that one of the most common problems experienced by new screen printers is printing white ink. I have heard many questions such as: Why are all my other colors printing well and white so difficult? Why is my white ink so thick? Why can't I get smooth white ink?

It is always rough and seems to have a texture to it. Is there anything I can do to thin my white ink to make it easier to print? Also, comments like: "Our white ink is bad, only appears after a few items of washing".

"There is something wrong with my press, it prints well when I print on a white shirt, but when I print on a dark shirt the white ink is very opaque". If you are searching for screen printing from Denver then you can visit

Unfortunately, the answer to this quarry is usually located on the printer itself. No, your white ink is not defective, your press might work well, and you don't need to thin the ink. Yes, you may need to change some variables and techniques during the printing process. The truth of the matter is, the answer is in the question all this time.

So why does the screen printing process work well for a while and then as soon as you start printing white ink, destroying it, a roadblock? The truth is, you might have done the wrong things all the time, and it hasn't appeared yet.

It's like swimming, surely you can paddle and paddle around the pool all day. However, when you have to swim far, without the right technique you will work twice as hard and get half.