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Hemorrhoids and Anal Fissures: A Comparison

Hemorrhoids are bulging or swollen anal veins, sometimes known as piles. An anal fissure is a tiny tear in the anal tissue that resembles a slit. Both can become itchy and irritating, but the anal fissure can be particularly painful, especially when it is stretched out during a bowel movement.

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Both of these conditions are frequently accompanied by the use of dietary fiber supplements, stool softeners, and increased water consumption. Even the obvious indicators of blood, such as striations on the toilet paper or streaks on the stool, are remarkably similar. It makes sense why it is frequently challenging to identify the exact issue at hand.

The third most painful issue that commonly affects the anus is a fissure. An anal abscess is a second-most painful condition, and the first-most painful condition is during the initial stages of recuperation after an anal operation.

A significant portion of fissures heals on their own without the need for surgery. However, the likelihood of this happening decreases the longer a fissure has existed. With appropriate anal hygiene, which includes thorough washing with cotton and witch hazel after each bowel movement, even acute fissures can occasionally heal.

When pronounced anal fissures are present, surgery may be required to treat them, just like in cases of unusually severe hemorrhoids. Fortunately, 90% of surgical patients experience no future fissure-related issues. Similarly, 5% of these patients will be categorized as chronic and continue to develop new fissures despite all medicinal and surgical interventions.