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How Is Gold Mining Doing Lately?

Gold mining has always been an attractive area for investors. Nowadays most powerful mining companies are multinational and have huge profits each year.

There are also small companies that operate in this business and independent mine workers. Some countries have been confronted with illegalities from the independent, small operations. However, responsible mining  is much more organized now than it used to be in the past.

It can be said that mining is totally different nowadays than it used to be in the past. This doesn't concern only the new techniques and the equipment used by the miners, but also the safety rules and regulations.

Most modern countries have imposed mining companies' sets of rules to protect those who do the hard work. Moreover, they have to obey strict environmental laws. For example, the gold cyanidation technique, used to extract the precious metal, has been banned in many countries.

One of the biggest producers of gold nowadays in China. This country has never been in the top of the countries that produced the precious metal until 2007 when it became the most important one.

Even though many might believe that this is the result of the discovery of large deposits on the Asian territory, things were nothing like that. The most plausible explanation was the fact that the production in other countries decreased due to the implementation of the new safety regulations. In fact, the deposits in China are much smaller than in other countries.