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How to Find a Trust Attorney in Mesa?

When searching for an attorney to help you with your estate or trust, you may be wondering, where’s the best place to look? Unfortunately, you can’t rub a magic lamp and ask for an attorney to appear, but you can do some investigative work on your own to uncover one that’s a good match for you. 

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Check out the following resources when searching for an attorney:

  • Phone directory or search engine: Your first thought may be to rush to your phone directory and start flipping through the listings, or turn on your computer and begin a search. Chances are good you’ll see pages and pages of attorneys listed. You’ll probably notice multiple display ads touting this or that firm’s expertise with various types of law.

  • Referrals from other professionals or within law firms: You may already be working with a tax pro or an investment advisor who may have the name of an attorney whom they know to be competent and reasonable. Or you may be the client of a large firm that practices in many areas, even if the attorney you usually employ doesn’t do trust and estate work.

  • Local, county, and state bar associations: Bar associations all have lawyer referral services, which match you with an attorney in your region whose law practice focuses on the area you request. Referrals are free and made on a rotating basis. Your first half-hour appointment with the attorney is typically billed at a much-reduced rate.

These are some of the ways to find the best trust attorney in Mesa. Generally, referrals from other professionals are good ones — after all, the professional reputation of the person who makes the referral is as much on the line as that of the person being recommended.