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How to Find the Right Time to Buy or Sell a Housing

Average prices of houses and other houses vary periodically in each country and community. In some communities this variation is really strange, so prices go up 400% over a period of several years, and then suddenly crack 300% or more in a much shorter period of time.

You can ‘choose the best value on housing via’ (which is also known as ‘velg best verdi p bolig via’ in the Norwegian language).

The period of the price increase can be rather long, for example, 5-9 years, but almost always with a small down period of intervention. When prices fall, it often takes a much shorter time, for example, 0.5-1 years.

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If you are buying a home for the first time, it is a good strategy to buy when prices are low. A down period is usually better to take action if you are going to sell your house and immediately buy a bigger, more expensive one.

If you are going to sell the property and not buy another, the best period to sell will certainly be at the peak.

The top section will usually also be the best time to take action if you plan to sell your house and buy a cheaper one, or can wait a while before buying a new home.

Whatever you are planning, it will be useful to recognize when the price has reached the bottom and when the price increase has stopped and the time will come because of a price reduction or crack that actually happened. The base, climbing period, peak and fall periods almost always follow other cyclic changes in the community, and this can help you to predict future house price developments.