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How to Fix PUBG Ping

In this guide, we are going to show you how to lower your PUBG ping. Ping is the time that your computer takes to respond to a request sent from another computer. High ping can make PUBG unplayable. For example, if you shoot someone who has a lower ping than you, they'll likely have moved before your bullet hits them. Therefore, the ping is a critical factor in PUBG. Before we begin, we advise you to do a PUBG ping test to measure your ping first. You can use a website like PTL to do this. If your ping is 20 ms or less, you have an exceptionally low ping and you don’t have to follow this guide. Because this is the most desirable level for most of the players. But if your ping 150 ms or more, you have a very high ping. As long as you have a ping less than 100 ms, you should experience seamless gameplay.

Now, let's see what you can do to reduce your PUBG ping. If you are using a Wi-Fi connection, verify that the other connected computers are not using the connection intensively. This is because, if someone is doing a bandwidth-intensive task on another computer, it will directly affect your ping and internet speed. Therefore, it is better if you can minimize the internet usage of other connected devices when playing PUBG. To strengthen the coverage, you can put your Wi-Fi router near your computer or console. And make sure your router is in a place with no objects that can interfere with the signal. Always, remember that if your computer or console is connected through WiFi, the distance to the router directly affects the performance of your internet connection. If possible, connect to the Wi-Fi router using a network cable.

You should always make it a habit to close all programs that you have running on your computer before start playing PUBG. Otherwise, you are just asking for trouble. Sometimes, you may not even notice that some programs are still running on the background. You can close these kinds of programs using your Task Manager. When you open the Task Manager, you can see almost every program that is running, even programs that are running in the background. When you close them, you will notice an improvement immediately. A high ping is not the only reason why you can experience a lag when playing PUBG. It may also be due to the device you are using. If one or more of the components in your computer are not working properly, this may also cause a lag.