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How to Keep Your Sprinkler System Properly Maintained?

One of the most effective ways to ensure fire safety is to install a sprinkler system during building construction or to add the system to an existing building through retrofitting. 

Reinforcement can be expensive, but the safety and peace of mind benefits are often well worth the cost. However, in a new home, the system can be a small expense and a huge profit for years after regular maintenance keeps it functioning.

Proper maintenance of a sprinkler system requires training and careful attention to detail. As the owner, you can perform basic maintenance yourself between regular visits by a certified technician. You can also find fire system inspection services for annual fire inspection online. 

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Your first goal in maintaining your system is to ensure that all occupants of the building know its function and treat it appropriately. 

The use of paint or hanging decorations on the sprinkler heads themselves is not permitted and this basic rule should be passed on to decorators or other staff who may not be regular users but may need to make aesthetic changes to the space. 

The sprinkler head must also be protected from unnecessary contact, as the faucet can accidentally fall with enough force to damage something inside without the user knowing.

Even without human intervention, the spray head can become clogged with dust, cobwebs, and other small particles, so it should be carefully inspected at least once a month to ensure it is clean and to allow water to flow freely in the event of an accident. 

As you examine these things, pay attention to the general differences in the appearance of your system. If anything looks different and worries you, you should contact the company that installed the maintenance system, or another reputable company if it's not available.