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How To Maintaining Your Lawn

Lawn grooming involves a variety of jobs throughout the year. One thing that immediately comes to mind is cutting. This is important for keeping the page low and tidy.

Prolonged growth of grass can damage the grass and make it look uneven when it is finally cut. Regular pruning can also reduce annual weeds and perennials. You can also buy best lawn edging products via

Weeding your lawn can be done with a weed killer that you place in the yard or by hand. If you have very few weeds, manually removing them is no big deal.

However, if the grass is badly damaged, it will be easier and more effective to apply the proper care. Usually, you apply weed treatments in the spring or summer as the grass grows.

You should also consider whether weed and feed products are right for you. Read all product information before using it. Some products need to wait a few days after rain before applying and then watered if it doesn't rain within a few days of application. Make sure you write this information down.

 If you have bald patches on the grass, you can plant a small area by digging a little in the ground, screwing and applying grass seeds, and watering carefully. Alternatively, you can place a new section of grass. This again provides instant color, but also needs to be carefully prepared and then watered.

 If the edges of your page are cluttered, you can do this much cleaner with the help of edge tools. A mechanical version can be rented, or for a small lawn, a manual half-moon type bucket can be used.