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Whether you want to learn the basics of kayaking or desire to paddle like a pro, Salt Marsh Kayak Company is prepared to help you attain your goals.

Kayak 101: Learn the basics about kayaking. In this class you will learn kayak nomenclature, discover how to enter & exit a kayak, proper propulsion & maneuvering strokes, as well as launching and landing techniques. In addition you will learn how to deal with currents, weather, tides and basic safety issues. 2 hours, beginner

Kayak 201: Like those long sleek kayaks, but not the way they turn? Learn how to control advanced boats with advanced maneuvers. Learn the bow draw, side slip, high & low brace turns, sculling & beam draws, and leaning forward and reverse sweeps amongst other advanced strokes.2hours, intermediate

Rescues and Recovery: Understanding how to reenter your kayak after a spill is an invaluable skill for any kayaker. Learn several rescue and recovery techniques including the paddle float rescue, the t-rescue, the Eskimo rescue, and the paddle float reentry and roll…amongst others. 2 hours, beginner to intermediate

The Eskimo Roll: Want to learn the secret to righting your kayak in one smooth motion after an unexpected spill? The Eskimo roll is not nearly as mysterious as it looks. You’ll be amazed at what you can do with the help of a good instructor, a little muscle control, and a lot of concentration. 2 hours, all levels

Introduction to Kayak Navigation: Going from point A to point B in a kayak isn’t always as easy as it looks – especially in strong wind and currents. Learn how to read charts, plot courses, and navigate with the help of a deck compass and some basic math. 3 hours, all levels

Surf Kayaking: Ever wondered what it’s like to ride a wave in a kayak? Well, it’s a rush! Learn about proper launching and landing techniques, surfing etiquette, how to use rip currents to your advantage, and the trick to catching and surfing a wave effectively. In addition, safety issues specific to surfing will be discussed. 3 hours, beginner to advanced classes available.

Open Water Coastal Kayaking: On day one of this 2-day course, you will fine tune your kayaking skills in preparation for open water paddling. On day two you will learn to launch and re-enter in ocean surf, navigate through inlets and paddle in rough conditions (if available). We will also practice deep water rescues and test all your advanced paddling skills. 10 hours, prior kayaking experience recommended.