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Interesting Facts about Fiji


Traditionally, Fiji was a part of the South Pacific Islands however, as time changes, so has Fiji. Today, Fiji has become one of the best tropical island destinations attracting more number of tourists coming over every year. Fiji is known to be the perfect destination for the younger crowd but even families and elder people do come over to have a great time. These are a few facts about Fiji that are not only interesting but also fun to learn.

  1. Bula – This is a word that is well-heard every time and everywhere in Fiji. The Fijian locals greet with each other by saying this word ‘Bula’ and they would even greet the tourists as well. If you are traveling to Fiji, you need to use this word while greeting the locals.
  2. People – Fijian locals are known to be one of the most generous and friendliest people in the world. The locals love to have a conversation with the tourists and would always smile at them. In fact, the locals are known to invite the tourists to their village to witness some of the best ceremonies.
  3. The Many islands – Fiji is known to be home to over 300 plus tiny islands where VitiLevu is the largest and most populated one. The VitiLevu is a hotspot for tourists making it perfect to visit other nearby islands.
  4. Spoken Language – Fijian, English and Hindustani are the 3 official languages spoken in Fiji. As a tourist, you should never make fun or laugh when the locals try to speak to you in English.

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