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Introduction To Agriculture Science

Agricultural science is the study of the practices involved in the field of agriculture. Agricultural, farming, and science, although related to each other, they are essentially very different from each other. Agriculture is the art of growing plants, fruits and vegetables for human consumption.

On the other hand, agriculture is related to research, improvement, and development in techniques of science, production, irrigation, pest control, etc. It includes the processes required to improve the quality and quantity of agricultural products. For more information about agriculture, you can check here now.

Agriculture Science

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Agricultural science deals with the transformation of primary products to finished, consumption ready products. It also includes prevention and improvement of adverse factors that hamper productivity. It has been referred to as local science due to its strong connection to local areas.

It is often considered a science dealing with eco-regions because it depends to a large extent on the climate and soil properties in a particular region. These factors vary greatly from one place to another. 

Many individuals are of the opinion that agriculture science depends on local weather and local soil characteristics, so there is a need to study specific crops at the local level. This process was known as the Green Revolution and was associated with the process of selection of crops and considerable improvement for maximum productivity. 

Even today, a lot of research is being done in this field of study, which has led to the emergence of various new fields of study such as waste treatment, pest management, agricultural philosophy and others which essentially focus on food production.