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Know About Zombie Arrowhead Killing Spear

The Double-edged ghost Arrowhead Spears perfect for zombie killing. It is 2.5 pounds, 42 inches long badass guns. This is great for hunting down zombies and can be used for cooking meat on an open fire.

A sharp knife and looks like the old traditional obsidian spear made of stone in the "stone age". You could choke on the handle if you need to thrust the spear into zombies. Paracord can be removed if necessary.  You can buy paracord through

It can be used for close combat fighting without closing. It was a sharp point to plunge into the eye, throat or chest. The paracord grip to make sure that your hands will not slip even with the blood and gore in it.

If you have never thrown a spear, take some time to practice before trying to spear a zombie. Spear arrows perfectly balanced and will fly effortlessly through the air until it hits that target.

RC combat knife spear thrower put through its paces and came out tops. He uses it against the zombie skull models are 100% accurate anatomical, skull hardness and density is 99% correct with a zombie skull. Meat replicated with foam meat better than ballistic gelatin.

When throwing, using the center of balance, it is in the grip over the paracord. Test until you find the perfect place. Keep your balance by keeping one foot slightly behind the other; hold the spear in the center of balance by your head.

For close combat to keep both hands on the handle, feel to it. Practicing with multiple air jabs. Draw a line from someone on a wooden board. Use this to practice your jabs. Keep at least an arm's length away while practicing.