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Learn How Your Muffler Works

Sometimes you may find that the car driving near you is making too much noise, most likely the car has a faulty exhaust system or no exhaust. An exhaust is used in internal combustion engines to reduce engine noise.

The valved exhaust is specially tuned to reduce engine noise and create destructive interference to eliminate engine noise through outstanding engineering feats. The exhaust is also used to reduce backpressure, which reduces engine wear and increases efficiency.

First, we need to study why we hear engine sounds the way we do. The engine exhaust valve opens, allowing high-pressure exhaust gases to escape into the exhaust system. The low-pressure wave is already in the exhaust pipe, the high-pressure wave comes out of the exhaust system. Their eardrums vibrate when these sound waves reach them, allowing us to hear the sound of a car engine.

Given a sound wave that opposes the original sound wave, which is a simple description of the exhaust function, the two sound waves then cancel each other out. The first sound wave is at its lowest because the first sound wave is at its highest, so your eardrums don't pick up any sound.

The exhaust is designed and built to direct the sound before it exits the exhaust. The secondary chamber within the module is of a certain length and contains a certain amount of air which is calculated to create waves that suppress the sound waves of the engine.