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Learning to Use Incentivized Marketing to Deliver Results

For those who have recently hired a new sales manager, here are some thoughts about incentivized marketing. Yes, I know that salespeople generally don't like being treated as commodities and if you're the manager of the team it's probably because you value your people more than your profits.

However, if you reward your sales people for good results, they will put their best foot forward. And by "best foot forward" I mean they will be alert, smart, and devoted to your company. They will be effective and stay on top of trends.

Often the challenge is deciding which sales people should receive incentives and which should not. Before awarding anything, take some time to talk with each of them individually and consider your employees' needs.

Here are some things to consider when deciding which sales people to reward: who wants to stay with the company? What motivates them?

Team members who are looking for a promotion may need some incentives to move up the ladder faster. Depending on the level of motivation of your team members, you may need to give them free trip tickets, travel expenses, bonus gifts, tickets to trade shows, etc.

On the other hand, some low motivation team members will require incentive programs to keep them motivated. Remember, the goal is to promote teamwork, not create competition within the team.

Don't forget to give everyone individual reward plans. It's OK if you have a full team, but if one team member is racking up the good work, it's time to award them some extra cash.

With the high demands of incentivized marketing and sales management, it's important to have your sales team to understand the role of the manager. If you want sales people to believe in the incentive marketing platform, then you need to show them that the responsibility is theirs to fill.

Then you need to reward those who are the strongest. You can do this by giving bonuses or even just by putting them in a position where they'll be able to provide the highest performance.

Incentivized marketing strategies and sales management don't have to cost a fortune, just good management techniques can help keep your business humming along without a huge operating budget. For an example of how sales managers can help keep the profits rolling in, click on the link below.

Those strategies, while beneficial, don't have to cost an arm and a leg, just the right leader and happy employee. So long as they stick around, happy employees are more likely to perform at peak performance.

Happy sales team members will continue to perform at a high level, just as happy sales managers will continue to award them incentive awards. Bottom line, you can easily go from struggling to reach the next level to successful income generation by rewarding all your sales team members with bonuses.