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Main Cost Factors Of LED Lights

The cost of LED lights is determined by many factors. Usually, three important factors can determine the cost. Three key factors are LED chips, LED drivers and LED housing.

In markets, customers may be confused when they find a large price in some similar LED light products. For example, the appearance of two LED tube products looks almost the same, but there is a 40% price difference in them.

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By comparing its features, people might find a slight difference in the two bulb products led, but one bulb ball is actually much more expensive than others.

For buyers LED lighting products, they always try to find the best prices for their purchases, because money is taken into account for the success of their business. However, the lowest price for a product is not always the best price. A reasonable price to meet the needs of the premise is considered the best price.

Most buyers’ goals is to find the right product at the lowest cost, because this is an important step to achieve a big profit. In the first step, the buyer needs to know product details, to see whether low-cost goods can meet their requirements, especially when they place large orders for wholesale LED lighting products.

So how to find out whether the proposed price is at a reasonable level? Before making any investment, the buyer must fully understand what they really need.

For making decisions, consumers usually choose the right features and functions according to their own budget, and finally buy the right one. This process is very similar to LED lighting products. Composition and different materials from LED tubes will have different prices. Therefore, buyers should find out the details of critical cost factors before purchasing LED bulb products.