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Online Wills vs. Will-Writing Software (Do-It-Yourself)

Online will-creation software has seen a huge increase in popularity over the last few years. Consumers are always looking for cheaper and better ways to create legal documents. No longer are you required to spend hundreds of dollars an hour with a lawyer in order to have a living will be written for you.

Many software packages offer tools that simplify the process of creating a will and allow you to complete it yourself. The software is often available for purchase for between $50 and $100 and provides a wide range of options and preferences to create a virtual will. The user may not be able to fully understand the process due to the fact that it is "dumbed down".

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What are your options? It is possible to go back to a lawyer for your will and pay a lot of money. For people with complex needs (large assets, trusts), this is an option. There is a middle ground for those who prefer to have their legal documents prepared professionally, but not incur the direct costs of hiring a lawyer.

Online Legal Document Services allow consumers to complete very basic information online and submit it for review by legal professionals. In a reasonable time, the consumer will receive the printed documents in the mail. This is a great advantage because the user doesn't have to worry about endless software options or printing preferences. All the information is available to them and sent in the mail.

This is a great benefit for consumers who want to create online wills, living wills, and trusts but don't have the time or the ability to install the software. Online legal documents can be created by simply entering information via a web browser and do not require installation or download. People who want a professional document that is error-free and affordable are also eligible for a discount.