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Organic Farming Technique is Based on these Principles

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Farmers love this popular yet simple technique called organic farming. Organic farming is one of those techniques that helps in production of organic food. This technique uses natural fertilizers such as manure and compost to grow organic food. The demand and popularity of organic farming is due to its own principles.

  1. Health Principle – The principle of health is related to the condition of soil, plants, humans and environment in quality condition. Organic farming offers the best condition since it depends more on natural fertilizers and little on chemicals. Using natural fertilizers more helps the life cycle to remain undisturbed for all.
  2. Care Principle – The principle of care defines the environment’s condition to be in the best possible condition. This principle helps the soil to remain in good condition while retaining its fertility since chemicals involved are in low quantity. Due to this reason, organic foods offer quality food.
  3. Fairness Principle – The cycle of humans and other living need to remain undisturbed which is possible by the principle of fairness. Organic farming in the past and present has improved the poverty condition allowing better lifestyle for all. This is possible since organic farming depends very little on the use of chemicals but more on natural fertilizers like manure and compost.
  4. Ecological Balance Principle – Natural life cycle allows ecological system to remain in fair condition due to the technique of organic farming.

These are the principles of organic farming which is also a technique that produced organic foods. You should consider food that is related to organic produce in Brisbane and other cities in Australia.