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Outdoor Lighting with Façade

A facade design is not just about the exterior of a building. It also reflects the design’s personality and the needs of its users. While the aesthetic is important, we should be able to appreciate the design at all times of day and night. Lighting is the only way to bring focus to a facade.

Use outdoor lighting to decorate Facade

The main design of the facade must be considered before we can create a stunning facade. Outdoor lighting should be suitable and pleasing to the eye day and night. Wall lighting and floodlighting are very popular options for facade illumination. They are available in many sizes and styles and can be used with any type of facade design. Floodlighting and wall illumination can create unique facades with a variety of distribution options.

Facade Types

The facade is an element in a building design that influences the appearance and character of the building. There are many ideas for facades with outdoor lighting. But, it is important to consider the suitability of installation as well as maintenance.

Facades can be classified as the following:

Double-Skin Facade

A double skin facade can be used to refer to transparent, translucent, or opaque constructions. These typically use decoupled layers or materials. This allows the building to reduce the heat coming in from the sun, which helps to increase privacy and reduces the temperature.

Building Form Facade

Building form facade includes both the facade and wall. Windows, canopies, and balconies are meant to be connected to the structure, but also to enhance it artistically with light and shadow effects.