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Physical Therapy in the Treatment of Sports Injuries

While exercise and physical activity are important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, it is also important to be active. However, strenuous activity can increase the risk of soft tissue injury and bone damage. Depending on the severity and nature of the injury, there are two types of therapy. 

Traumatic injuries require more intensive medical or surgical therapy. However, most sports injuries are minor sprains or muscle pulls that don't require any medical intervention. Sports physical healing is also necessary for major joint surgeries. This helps to increase healing and blood circulation.

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Abrasions are one of the most common injuries in sports. Another common injury is the ankle sprain. This happens when athletes engage in vigorous activities without warming up. ACL tear, the most common injury to the knee joint, is another that can limit movement and affect athletes' sports careers. 

Running sports often report hamstring strains or tears. The injury can be as simple as a sprain or as serious as muscle tearing. Athletes also have a high incidence of bone fractures. These injuries require stabilization through surgery, splinting, and other forms of interventive care.

Major surgeries are not an option for athletes. Most athletes do not want to undergo interventive medicine. These include the risk of injury to the nerves or vessels, or the possibility of long-term disability that restricts their ability to participate in sports activities.

Regular physical therapy for athletes improves range and flexibility, as well as improves fitness by warming up the muscles.