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Qualities to Look for in a Great Tennis Instructor

Learning the game of tennis from a good teacher, coach or instructor is no different. Anyone who has played tennis will tell you that playing the game well takes many hours of practice and patience. There are no shortcuts and tricks to being a good tennis player.

There are some qualities you should look for. Same as the best teachers who taught us reading, writing, and arithmetic. You may also navigate and know the qualities of the tennis instructors.

Patience –

As a student who's new to anything, you'll need repetition in order to improve certain skills you learn in tennis. It's important to have someone who will be patient when you go through these repetitive practice sessions and drills.


When you pay someone to teach you, you deserve to gain as much as possible from the expertise of your instructor. A tennis professional with years of knowledge can show you the proper technique in 15 minutes which would otherwise take you years to learn on your own. This is the reason why tennis players who are self-taught and play for years, never get past a certain level.

Passion –

Do you like your profession, would you do it for free, or are you just in it for the paycheck? After you've played tennis for a while, you'll come across many who eat, sleep and breathe the game of tennis. Whether it's cooking, dance, music, you want a tennis instructor who loves what he/she does; after the transfer of knowledge, the transfer of energy and passion for learning tennis comes at a close 2nd.

Simplicity –

We've already mentioned how difficult this game can be to learn. Think back again to your favorite school teachers. The best teachers can take something very complex and connect with you so that it's plain, simple and clear. Tennis becomes more simple if you can break down the complexity with simplicity. 

Attitude and Personality –

After such rigid requirements in choosing a tennis professional, we still can't overlook why you're on the tennis courts taking a lesson. You're there to have fun. The more you learn, the more you'll want to practice, the more you'll improve, and the more you'll enjoy the game.