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Steps to Create a Compelling 2D Animation That Everyone Will Love

2d or classical animation is composed of frames. Each frame is a picture that can represent anything that the animator wishes the viewers to see.

It can be a character, a place, an object, a combination of these three or anything and everything. To create a compelling animation, an animator needs to follow these steps.

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Storyboarding is the first step of an animator for creating the content. It might be a script, or an adaptation or an original idea but planning out the animation in a storyboard is the most solid and fundamental plans to develop your final content.

Storyboards are simple to create but are very powerful as this is the only tool of pre-visualizing an animation. With it, a production house can also pitch the movie directors and animators who want to work on the project. All the 2d animation courses start out by developing storyboards.

Developing a compelling animation is a difficult task. Surely, you want to learn 2d animation but remember this that the overall process is time-consuming and expensive.

Creating a good animation can take months and even years and in the process, the storyboard is the guide to editing the story before working on the images required for the final animation. Throughout the creation process, an animated film will be edited.

However, deleting an entire animated sequence is costly in terms of both money and time. Hence, editing at the storyboard phase is highly important to make a concrete animation.