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Steps to Crocheting a Bracelet

Depending on the material and pattern, knitting bracelets can be fast and easy. A weight wool yarn or yarn is super easy to work with, but you can choose from several other materials to make or embellish the finished item.

If knitting for children, you'll want to stick with safe materials such as yarn or thread. However, if you make for yourself or friends, you can choose from paracord and beads to create an elegant work of art. Thus, the first step to knit a bracelet is to decide who you want to crochet bracelets and then choosing the right material. You can also use paracord jigs to make a bracelet.

You will need to take measurements of the wrist if you plan to use the buckle to close it. To slip on the bracelet, you will need to make sure that it is large enough to slide overhand.

Paracord Jigs:

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If you have decided that you want a slip-on bracelet, then you can begin by creating a chain long enough to fit around the hand when joined together. Then simply work in the round until you have reached the desired width. You can also work in a short line and join the bracelet in the last row and first once you've got the right length.

If using the buckle, you will work on the line. Again, you have the option to work in a short line across the width. Or you could create longer chains to fit around the wrist and crochet until you have reached the desired width.

If using beads on your bracelet, you'll want to string them before you start knitting. Then slip them close to the hook as you are ready to incorporate them into your work. You will find that the beads are not only helping to create a nice solid bracelet, but they can also add a lot of color and elegance to your finished work.