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Ab Toning Belts and Your Workout

Do you want to know if an ab toning belt will help you in toning your abs? In this article I am going to tell you whether an ab belt is the answer for you or not. If you do not know what an ab belt is I will explain briefly. An ab belt is a belt which has several metal strips around its edges. These metal strips are designed to tighten and contract with the user's body fat and tighten the stomach muscles. The belt does this by sending electrical impulses through the muscles of the stomach causing them to contract and become firmer.

The ab toning belt featured on works on the same principles as other abdominal machines. When you perform crunches you will use your abs for the movement which uses your stomach muscles. This makes the belly button looks smaller and the stomach appear firm. The idea is that if you could just use your abs then your waistline would be flatter and your butt would be smaller. However if you could just use your abs without a belt then the whole midsection would be reduced and your waistline would be smaller.

You may have seen an ab toning belt advertised on TV which claims that it will make your waist small. There are several toning belts available on the market today which are advertised for both men and women. These belts claim to be able to reduce your waistline by one inch which is an amazing claim because one inch seems like such a small difference. However if we look at the bigger picture then the loss of an inch on your waistline may not seem that much. An ab belt is only good for slimming the waist but it will do nothing for you if your waist is still large.

The ab belts that you are looking at doing exercise movements with could be classified as cardiovascular fitness equipment. They were never designed to tone the abdominal muscles. In fact they were never intended to work your core or your obliques at all. An ab belt can be used to do ab exercises such as crunches and sit ups; these exercises can be done with dumbbells, barbells, and even a balance ball. You should never perform any of these exercises without the use of an ab belt.

Most belts are made from a material which goes by the name Flexfit. This Flexfit material has been shown to allow the tightening and therefore the toning of the muscles in your abdomen. Some of these Flexfit belts are flexible enough that they can be worn under clothing. However, the ab belts that are made from genuine Flexfit are so flexible that they can be worn around the middle. When the flex-belts are used in combination with a good diet, you can get the abs you have ever wanted.

In addition to getting your core toned up you can also improve your oblique muscles. Your obliques are located on both sides of your hips just below your pubic bone. You can use an ab belt for your oblique workout because the belt helps to isolate and strengthen those particular muscles. You can read more about your oblique muscles in my other articles.