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Payroll Entitlements for Casual Employees at Cafes and Restaurants

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Are you new to the hospitality industry? You might not be clear about the payroll entitlements a casual employee in the industry enjoys. If you are looking for such details, you can check the following quick guide to become self-aware. This information is helpful for freshers as well as experienced employees and employers at cafes and restaurants in Australia.

What is Causal Employment?

It refers to a job that doesn’t promise any permanent work hours or payouts on weekly basis. Any employee working under this category in the hospitality industry is entitled to the following:

  • Annual Leaves: According to the MA000119 restaurant industry award, no casual employee is entitled to any paid annual leave. Since such employees are paid for the hours, they spend working, they don’t get any paid work-offs for personal vacations or visits.
  • Sick Leave: Similar to the annual leave provision, there isn’t any for sick leave as well. If an employee falls sick, he/she can communicate the non-availability but won’t get any paid off from the work.
  • Casual Loading: This entitlement covers up the non-availability of annual and sick leaves to casual employees. A casual loading entitles such workers to an extra 25% on top of the least award wage. However, pay rates vary with age and are lower for employees under 19 years than those for elder workers.
  • Overtime: Although casual employees take payouts for the hours they work, they can also get overtime pay. This applies if the work time exceeds 12 hours a day or 38 hours a week.

And this variation in the payouts should be considered when filing tax returns with accountants in Toongabbie.