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How to Overcome Your Fear of Flying?

Distraction techniques are a simple way to stop panic attacks and break the cycle of fear. Meditation coupled with visualization exercises can calm you down and keep your mind away from negative images. Do breathing exercises regularly so that it becomes a habit. Find a place to sit and start breathing firmly and deeply. If you have flight nervousness then you can purchase online fear of flying courses.

This can be done with your eyes closed. Watch your lungs expand at each inhalation and as you exhale, release tension in your muscles. When you have a steady rhythm, start visualizing a beautiful place. This can be a beach, a mountain view, a lake or a peaceful place.

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Start immersing yourself in your environment and imagine everything in detail, from the sound of birds to the sun on your face. When you feel ready to get out of meditation, take a few deep breaths and turn your shoulders several times. This is a great way to slow down your breathing, beat your heart and clear your mind.

Preparation is also important in how to stop a panic attack so it does not occur in flight. Book flights well in advance and request a seat in the aisle if you can. This will give you more freedom to walk around and benefit those who suffer from claustrophobia. Pack your belongings the day before so you don't rush on the day of the trip.

It's a good idea to pack some of the conveniences and things you can do on a plane, like a book or music player. Be sure to go to the airport at the right time and check-in. If you have a lot of time to kill, take a walk around the shop and don't forget to take a bottle of water. You can also practice visual and breathing exercises.