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Guide to Selling a Property

Selling a home is easy enough, but can be confusing if you are not familiar with the legal terms used and if you are unfamiliar with the process. So we've put together your guide to selling property with everything you need to know.

You should hire your agent as soon as you receive an offer for your property. In order not to stop the sale, it is wise to do your research on lawyers and choose who you want to handle the sale of the property once they decide to put it on the market. You can search about more queries on top house property agents via .

The legal fees associated with selling a property can vary widely. Therefore, it is important to get a breakdown of the costs involved and a detailed estimate of the costs you will incur. 

It's also important to trust and have a good working relationship with your agent, so it's wise to seek recommendations from friends and family.

How long it takes to sell a property depends largely on your circumstances and the circumstances of your buyer. Selling your property to a buyer for cash is a much quicker process than if the buyer used a mortgage. If your buyer requires a mortgage to purchase a property, the process usually takes 10-12 weeks from receipt of the offer.