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Five Activities That Can Help Elderly Dementia Patients

Some activities can help dementia patients retain their cognitive ability, sense of security, and relax violent or nervous behaviors.

1) Create a Memory Box

Your senior will feel connected to their past professions and interests by creating a rummage or memory box. You can fill any type of box with items that they have kept at work, photos, and other non-essential items, as well as items related to their hobbies.

These items can be used in any job or hobby. Just be creative when looking for safe and reliable items. You can also look for the best gifts for Alzheimer’s patients online.

Dementia - NeuRA Library

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2) Offer Visual Expression Opportunities

Drawing and painting are creative and safe ways to express your feelings. Bold, bright colors should always be encouraged on large surfaces. To allow dementia patients to build, but not be constrained by space, you can use butcher paper rolls.

3) Ask them to help with your housecleaning

Encourage dementia patients to clean the house and not just do it automatically. This will give them a stronger sense of purpose. You might ask them to help you fold the laundry. You can give them hand towels or bath towels. They are much easier to fold than any other type of clothing.

4) Give them Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are gentle exercises for your brain and help to prevent dementia from progressing. These types of mentally challenging activities are great for people with dementia. They stimulate and exercise both the brain and provide a lot of mental stimulation.

5) Exercising

Exercise is good for your mental and physical health. It will also help you live a happier life. Research shows that dementia patients who exercise regularly (at least twice per week) may be able to delay or reduce functional limitations.